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Willmop 35

Now you can achieve incredibly fast and professional cleaning in small and tight spaces with the WILLMOP 35 compact upright scrubber-dryer.


This vertical scrubber-dryer works with a fast-charging lithium battery, allowing the user to clean 100 m² in 9 minutes in places with obstacles and people passing through*.


Thanks to its innovative elastic connection between the handle and the washing unit, WILLMOP 35 allows an inclination of more than 35 degrees above the floor to reach further under furniture and guarantees zero effort for the operator during all cleaning tasks, since that it is the joint itself that bears all the weight.


Willmop 35 S is the version for the US and German market.

*based on speed 1.8 km/h
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Cleaning path
37 cm

Tanks capacity
3.5/3.3 L

Coverage performance
1400 M2/H

Working time
up to 70 minutes

Technical data

Scrubbing path mm 370
Tanks capacity l 3,3/3,5
Coverage performance m²/h 1400
Working time min up to  70
Brush size mm 2 x 188
Rpm brush rpm 350
Brush pressure kg 18
Brushes motor power W 2 x 100
Squeegee width mm 380
Water lift mm H2O 890
Vacuum motor W 250
Voltage V 24
Total power W 450
Willcharge, battery charger A (V) 5 (100-240)
Willpower, battery Ah/1 13 (Lithium-ion)
Machine dimensions (Lxlxh) mm 490x465x1190


Weight with battery and water kg 26
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