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Willmop 50

For crowded spaces,
one hand is enough.

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Commercial areas, hospitals, schools, restaurants and sports centres
present us with complex cleaning challenges: surfaces full of obstacles,
spaces that are difficult to reach, higher hygiene standards to maintain.
However, even when the environments become larger and more crowded,
the job doesn't have to be difficult for those who perform it.
Just equip yourself with the right tools. For all these reasons we have
developed WILLMOP 50, the lightest and most manageable upright
scrubber dryer machine on the market, that combines the high-performance
of a professional machine with the flexibility of a traditional mop, allowing
a virtually continuous use thanks to the new generation lithium battery.

Willmop 50 is the perfect cleaning machine for

Professional cleaning
Retail & GDO
Industrial sector
Wellness and sports

How it works

1. Sensitive handle

With one hand you can perform all the cleaning operations that you want.

2. Swappable lithium battery

21A or 29A lithium batteries, with charge indicator. Easily interchangeable with a second charged unit to guarantee infinite work cycles (24/7).

3. 360° use flexibility

Fully 360° rotatable steering guarantees a revolutionary manoeuvrability especially for the areas difficult to reach.

4. Bumpers

It is protected by 4 bumper wheels that allow you to clean along the wall without leaving marks.

5. Scrub and dry

The squeegee is electrically lifted for activities that don’t require drying.

6. Intuitive console

Easy to use, it doesn’t require any training. It also has an integrated hour-usage counter.

7. Smart steering

Removing the hands from the handle, the machine remains upright and automatically enters the stand-by mode.

8. Water refill

Tanks are easily removable; the transparent water tank is equipped with a convenient refill hose.

9. Scrubbing pressure

The unit cleans with 25 kg of constant pressure on the floor, regardless of the handle position.

10. Transfer wheel

Using the front wheel, WILLMOP 50 can be transferred from one room to another without lifting.


Let us carry
the weight for you.

We developed an exclusive joint that allow you to work with one or two hands, depending
on your preference.
Thanks to the feeling of lightness of use, the upright scrubber dryer WILLMOP 50 ensures an
ergonomic operating position and, minimal effort during the entire cleaning activity.

of freedom.

The WILLMOP 50 steering allows a full 360° range of unrestricted movement.
Its incredible manoeuvrability facilitates the cleaning of all areas that are hard to reach for traditional
machines, such as beneath tables, under sinks and between chairs.

Your safety

The activation of the cleaning program selected with the cursor takes place through the innovative
SENSITIVE TOUCH SYSTEM, which allows you to grip the handle at any point. When you need to
detach both hands from the handle, the steeringcolumn remains upright without falling to the ground.
The professional upright scrubber dryer WILLMOP 50 automatically engages stand-by mode, until you take hold of the handle again to continue cleaning.


The lightest

upright scrubber  dryer

of the market

The invisible dirt,
is only for others.

The brushes cover a 50 cm cleaning path, offering exceptional performance on large surfaces as well
as in the tightest of spaces. The upright scrubber dryer machine WILLMOP 50 is unbeatable along the edges of walls and even in dark spaces such as beneath furniture,
thanks to the front LED lights.

In depth, but without
making noise.

In many environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools, it’s fundamental to maintain
quiet and calm surroundings. The Energy Saving mode allows you to reduce the noise generated by
the suction, ensuring maximum efficiency in total discretion.
This mode also provides a 40% water saving and over 15% of working battery-charge efficiency.

Details make
the difference.

The recovery tank is equipped with a detection sensor that automatically switches off the vacuum motor when it’s
full and warns the operator when it requires emptying.
The handle allows you to easily detach the tank and transport it to the disposal point without moving the entire unit.

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Willmop 50Ecoray

We have a common goal
your health is important to us..

We have mounted a system of UV-C rays on the
WILLMOP 50, turning it into the Ecoray version, the
only vertical scrubber dryer that cleans and disinfects
floors without the use of harmful chemicals.

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Upright scrubber dryers machines

Willmop 50

Upright scrubber dryer

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Upright scrubber dryers machines

Willmop 50 Ecoray

upright scrubber dryer

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