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Willmop 50 Ecoray

Willmop 50 Ecoray in addition to all features of the revolutionary Willmop 50 upright scrubber dryer, integrates the innovative Ecoray system with ultraviolet rays (UV-C). The UV-C ray emitter, located after the squeegee, allows to wash, dry and sanitize the floor in a single wipe. Cleaning with chemicals only temporarily removes contaminants while with exposure to UV-C rays, microbial microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are unable to reproduce. The germicidal power of the Ecoray system with direct UV rays on the floor is ecological and does not need additional germicidal products, which are corrosive instead, and does not create Ozone. By using the ultraviolet emissions, not only cleaners are not exposed to harmful detergents and disinfectants, but investments in chemicals are also saved.
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Willmop 50

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    Cleaning path
    50 cm

    Tanks capacity
    5/7 L

    Coverage performance
    2100 M2/H

    Working time
    ~1,15 h

    Technical data

    Scrubbing path mm 500
    Tanks capacity l 5/7
    Coverage performance m2/h 2100
    Life time UV source H 9000
    Ecoray system power microW/mm2 100
    Working time h ~ 1,15
    Brush size mm 2 x 250
    Rpm brush rpm 350
    Brush pressure kg 25
    Brushes motor power W 2 x 200
    Squeegee width mm 600
    Water lift  mm H2O 890
    Vacuum motor (stages) W 280
    Voltage V 24
    Total power W 680
    Willcharge, battery charger A/h (V) 5/8 (100-240)
    Willpower, battery Ah/1 21/29 (Litio-ion)
    Machine dimensions (Lxlxh) mm 600x580x1180
    Weight with battery and water kg 35

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    Willmop 50

    Willmop 50

    Upright scrubber dryer

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