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Aria 240

The electric street vacuum Aria 240 sucks up any type of litter through the carbon fiber hose supported by the operator, and the dirt is collected inside the 240 liter urban wheelie bin. This urban vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful high-performance filtration system, positioned vertically, which retains even the finest dust and re-introduces only clean air into the environment. Aria 240 thanks to its robust frame with 4 wheels, is ideal for cleaning not only city centers where the flooring is regular, but also for the maintenance of green areas such as parks and gardens, where the flooring is often uneven and there is the need to tackle holes or pebbles. Its 4 wheels also allow to go up and down sidewalks in total safety, without the risk of overturning. Aria 240 is the fully electric and with Zero Emissions urban vacuum cleaner that guarantees you to collect leaves, cigarette butts, animal droppings, cans and bottles from the city center.
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Aria 240

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    Hopper capacity
    240 L

    Filter cleaning

    Working time
    ~10-16 h

    Technical data

    Vacuum power W 1500
    Filter cleaning Manual
    Hose support
    Working time h > 10
    Supply Battery
    Traction Electric
    Total power W 2700
    On board battery charger A/5 40
    Max battery capacity (Agm) Ah/5 320 (274)
    Maximum gradient % 20
    Maximum speed Km/h 6
    Steering range mm 2600
    Vacuum hose length mm 3600
    Vacuum hose Ø mm 120
    Hopper capacity l 240
    Nebulizers 2
    Twin front wheels Si
    Filtering surface 21
    Filter type Polyester cartridge
    Noise level
    dB(A) 68
    Machine dimensions (L x l x h) mm 1835x975x1825
    Weight without batteries kg 325


    Other machines versions

    Aria 240 Super

    Aria 240 Super

    Electric waste vacuum cleaner
    urban and industrial waste collection
    with hose support

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