Airport and train station cleaning

Floor scrubbers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners and other professional cleaning machines


Optimize traffic flows and traveler experience through impeccable cleanliness  

Airports and train stations are highly frequented, which means that the accumulation of dirt, trash, and dust is constant. Without good cleaning, these public places, can generate a variety of problems, including:

Health risks: insufficient cleanliness can cause the accumulation of dirt and germs, which are responsible for diseases, including serious ones.

Bad smells make the place less usable.

Dissatisfaction of the customer who cannot fully enjoy a ‘satisfactory experience where dirt and neglect are denoted.

Infrastructure damage: lack of cleanliness can cause dirt and grime to accumulate on surfaces, causes of irreversible damage, over time.

Fire risk: the accumulation of dust and debris can increase the risk of fire, which can be especially dangerous in crowded areas such as train stations and airports.

Legal liability: insufficient cleanliness can cause accidents, which can generate legal liability.

In general, insufficient cleaning in train stations, at subways and airports can have serious consequences, in terms of public health and safety.

TSM has designed and developed some machines that are ideal for cleaning large areas, quickly and efficiently, treating ceramic floors, marble, granite and other surfaces, in a very short time.

This is especially important in airports, subways, train stations, and service stations, where floors must be free and clean for passengers and staff, at all times.

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The entrance is the calling card for passengers and is generally a busy area.

It is therefore essential to carry out daily cleaning operations, even several times a day depending on the location. That’s why TSM sweepers and scrubber dryers are ideal for cleaning and drying quickly without interrupting the flow of people or obstructing the workers.

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Restaurants and waiting areas inside airports and train stations generally have a high turnover of people. Cleaning often needs to be done in a matter of minutes. Having efficient vacuum cleaners, steam generators, floor scrubbers, and performance tools is critical to keeping these areas clean and in excellent condition, all the time.

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Cleaning at airports and stations also involves restrooms, which normally see the passage of many people and therefore require constant interventions.

These are often tight places that are easily sanitized through vertical scrubbers that provide deep cleaning and complete disinfection in a very short time.

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Outdoor surfaces are exposed to litter and environmental pollution. To keep them clean in a practical way and without having to employ the intervention of entire crews, it is possible to use TSM street sweepers and electric vacuum cleaners, very powerful systems that in a short time deep clean even large areas of train stations and airports.

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Cleaning machines for airports and railway stations

Upright scrubber dryers

TSM has patented the vertical Willmop systems, which guarantee incredibly fast and professional cleaning in small and tight spaces: powered by a rapid-charging lithium battery, equipped with a 36° tilt for perfect and comfortable cleaning, they allow the user to operate even in large areas with obstacles and people passing through without interrupting any activity.

Cleaning trolleys for WILLMOP

The Willcarry Light service cart with a complete cleaning kit ensures high performance and efficiency during cleaning operations. Thanks to its perfect integration with the supports for Willmop 35 and Willmop 50, it is possible to use the vertical floor washer, guaranteeing professional cleaning in all environments within airports and railway stations.

Scrubber dryer machines

Professional floor scrubbers are also suitable for cleaning airports, service stations, and railway stations. Available in walk-behind or ride-on versions, they are designed for cleaning spaces of different sizes, always delivering excellent results.


Sweepers are the best solution for cleaning surfaces of various sizes, ensuring high-level performance and efficiency. Available in ride-on or walk-behind versions, they can guarantee perfect floor cleaning with great versatility of use.

Vacuum cleaners

TSM offers a single solution suitable for liquids and solids: special suction systems equipped with powerful motors, perfect for vacuuming even large quantities of waste. Available in models with tilting carts for easy emptying of the collected dirt, ensuring precise results and optimized interventions. The range allows choosing the models that best suit the activities required within railway stations and airports.

Steam generators

Kitchens in airports, service stations, and railway stations have specific hygienic-sanitary needs, including HACCP regulations. Usually, these places are sanitized with chemical detergents, and the choice is always delicate. With DURASTEAM 22, it is possible to avoid the use of chemical products, as the high temperature of the generated steam allows for eco-friendly cleaning with minimal water consumption.

Single disc machines

The balancing system of these models makes them extremely pleasant to use, ensuring high ergonomics for the operator. Ideal for various types of interventions: stripping, deep cleaning, polishing, sanding, floor leveling, and carpet washing.

Sidewalk sweepers

Compactness, effectiveness, and ease of use, allowing even inexperienced individuals to operate without a license, make the street sweeper unbeatable for cleaning parking lots and outdoor areas. The TSM range includes models Itala 135 ST and 135 BT, which guarantee, among other things, up to 6500 m2/h, 135 liters of waste collection, and 8 hours of autonomy.  

Waste vacuum cleaners

A range of revolutionary vacuum machines that allow working autonomously, eliminating the need for vehicle traction management, and ensuring extreme agility around possible obstacles. The large installed batteries ensure environmental respect with zero emissions and over 14 hours of working autonomy, with incredible suction capacity to collect even bulkier objects such as 2-liter water bottles.

Street orderly barrows

Developed for urban cleaning operations, these machines are also suitable for airport and railway cleaning. Equipped with a special system that allows them to automatically follow the operator, they are ideal in particularly crowded environments. They can be equipped with a disinfection system, ideal for cleaning outdoor areas and restrooms.


What types of professional cleaning machines are suitable for use in train stations, subways, and airports?

The most suitable machines for cleaning in train stations, subways, and airports are vertical floor scrubbers like WILLMOP 35 and WILLMOP 50, along with professional floor scrubbers like GRANDE BRIO 35, GRANDE BRIO 45/50/55, GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75, and GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 145. These cleaning machines are specifically designed to operate in complex and high-traffic environments such as train stations, subways, and airports. Their selection is based on:


  1. Environment Characteristics: These cleaning machines have been designed with the specific challenges of these places in mind, characterized by a high flow of people and constant traffic. They are built to withstand these challenging conditions.
  2. Versatility: These scrubbers can be used on various types of surfaces, including marble, tiles, carpets, and hard floors. This versatility is crucial in complex environments like train stations, subways, and airports, where different floor types can be found.
  3. Ease of Maintenance: Many of these professional cleaning machines have been designed with a focus on simplifying maintenance to reduce downtime and operating costs. This aspect is particularly important in high-traffic environments where regular cleaning is necessary.

What types of surfaces, floors, or specific areas within train stations, subways, and airports can be effectively cleaned with floor scrubbers?

Hard floors like tiles, marble, granite, concrete, and linoleum can be effectively cleaned. Areas where floor scrubbers are particularly effective include waiting areas, hallways and corridors, restrooms, common areas, dining spaces, commercial zones, shops, and restaurants.

How can cleaning be done without obstructing traffic flow and the traveler's experience in airports and train stations?

TSM cleaning machines are equipped with a system that allows for immediate floor drying after washing. This way, people can continue to move without worrying about walking on wet areas or waiting for them to dry completely.

What are the recommended cleaning machines for waiting areas and restaurants in airports and train stations?

The ideal machines depend on the size of the environment to be cleaned. In general, for waiting areas, vertical floor scrubbers like WILLMOP 35 and WILLMOP 50, and industrial scrubbers like GRANDE BRIO 35, GRANDE BRIO 45/50/55 are suitable. For restaurants, vertical floor scrubbers like WILLMOP 35 and WILLMOP 50, and the professional scrubber GRANDE BRIO 35 are recommended.

What types of advertising can be implemented on the machines, such as stickers, banners, or digital screens?

Stickers or advertising wraps can be applied to the machines, and digital screens can be used for video advertisements or static images. In specific models, it is also possible to install a digital banner on the back of the machine for the promotion of video advertisements.

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