Bars and restaurants cleaning

Floor scrubbers, carts, vacuums and other professional cleaning machine

A clean kitchen and hall are the best calling card for a bar or restaurant.  

Within bars, fast food restaurants, and restaurants, staff must process orders, respond to customer requests, and ensure the hygiene of the establishment in a very short time.

In restaurants, and especially in fast food restaurants, cleaning must be fast, efficient and consistent, while also ensuring HACCP standards. In these environments, the flow of customers is continuous, which inevitably causes dirt to accumulate inside the premises. The continuous passage of customers soils the floor, making it slippery and, consequently, dangerous. In the kitchen, food preparation leads to the formation of grease, which is deposited on surfaces and must necessarily be removed, even during service.

TSM solutions provide machines and equipment for cleaning bars and restaurants in a professional manner, reducing workload, long-term costs, and improving staff efficiency. In particular, the WILLMOP upright floor scrubber is the best machine for cleaning bars, restaurants, and fast food restaurants: an extremely practical floor scrubber that quickly removes dirt and leaves surfaces dry and clean in a single pass.

An efficient system capable of reaching every corner: from hallways to dining rooms, from kitchens to customer toilets. Through the rotation of brushes wet with water and detergent, WILLMOP can completely remove encrustations and accumulated dirt, even cleaning the joints between tiles.

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A clean and uncluttered entrance promotes a positive impression with respect to the restaurant, markedly improving the overall customer experience. The use of vertical scrubber dryers is the best option for intervening inside locations with limited space and obstacles, as they clean by drying quickly, reaching even the most difficult corners.

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Cleaning the restaurant hall requires precision as it is the place most frequented by customers, so it is important that it is neat and clean. To keep floors shiny, free of dirt and stains, it is recommended to use vertical scrubber dryers daily.

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The kitchen is certainly of paramount importance to the reputation of any catering establishment. A dirty kitchen during service can cause damage to the image of the business with a consequent violation of HACCP regulations.Therefore, it is necessary to act quickly by using an upright scrubber dryer to clean the kitchen so as to prevent accidents and not make the dirt worse.

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Keeping the parking lot of a restaurant or fast food restaurant clean and tidy promotes a good first impression and ensures possible customer loyalty, a crucial factor in this industry. The combination of the right products and professional cleaning tools such as sweepers from the TSM range helps maintain order and cleanliness inside the parking lot as well, creating a safe and welcoming environment.

In addition, regular cleaning of the parking lot can help prevent possible accidents, which can cause serious problems for businesses.

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Cleaning solutions to help you

Upright scrubber dryers

TSM has patented the vertical Willmop systems, which guarantee incredibly fast and professional cleaning in small and tight spaces: powered by a rapid-charging lithium battery, equipped with a 36° tilt for perfect and comfortable cleaning, they allow the user to operate even in large areas with obstacles and people passing through without interrupting any activity.

Cleaning trolleys for WILLMOP

The Willcarry Light service cart with a complete cleaning kit ensures high performance and efficiency during cleaning operations. Thanks to its perfect integration with the supports for Willmop 35 and Willmop 50, it is possible to use the vertical floor washer, guaranteeing professional cleaning in all environments of bars and restaurants.

Scrubber dryer machines

Professional floor scrubbers are also suitable for cleaning bars and restaurants. Available in walk-behind or ride-on versions, they are designed for cleaning spaces of different sizes, always delivering excellent results.


Sweepers are the best solution for cleaning surfaces of various sizes, ensuring high-level performance and efficiency. Available in ride-on or walk-behind versions, they can guarantee perfect floor cleaning with great versatility of use.

Vacuum cleaners

TSM offers a single solution suitable for liquids and solids: special suction systems equipped with powerful motors, perfect for vacuuming even large quantities of waste. Available in models with tilting carts for easy emptying of the collected dirt, ensuring precise results and optimized interventions. The range allows choosing the models that best suit the activities required within bars and restaurants.

Steam generators

Bars and restaurants have specific hygienic-sanitary needs related to HACCP regulations. Usually, these places are sanitized with chemical detergents, and the choice is always delicate. With DURASTEAM 22, it is possible to avoid the use of chemical products, as the high temperature of the generated steam allows for eco-friendly cleaning with minimal water consumption.

Single disc machines

The balancing system of these models makes them extremely pleasant to use, ensuring high ergonomics for the operator. Ideal for various types of interventions: stripping, deep cleaning, polishing, sanding, floor leveling, and carpet washing.


What cleaning machines are recommended for a restaurant kitchen?

For floor cleaning, the vertical floor scrubbers WILLMOP 35 and WILLMOP 50 are recommended, with the latter also available in the Ecoray version featuring a UV-C system for virus and bacteria elimination. The GRANDE BRIO 35 scrubber is also an optimal solution, compact and suitable for small to medium-sized spaces. For surface cleaning, such as workbenches and extractor hoods, our professional steam generators DURASWEEP are recommended.

How can I improve cleanliness in restaurant entrances and dining areas?

TSM’s vertical scrubber dryers are designed to quickly and efficiently clean floors, reaching even into corners and under tables in dining areas and other furniture. They also reduce residual moisture thanks to the suction system behind the brushes, which helps reduce the risk of slips and falls in these areas where customers and staff need to move safely.

How can I reduce the cleaning staff's workload in restaurants?

By equipping them with professional cleaning machines. TSM offers the vertical floor scrubbers WILLMOP 35 and WILLMOP 50, which help reduce the cleaning staff’s workload by providing them with complete freedom of movement without straining the operator’s arms or back, ensuring a correct posture.

What are the advantages of using a vertical scrubber dryer over a traditional one in a restaurant?

A vertical scrubber dryer provides greater freedom of movement, making cleaning operations easier. Being much more compact and flexible than conventional industrial scrubbers, vertical scrubber dryers can reach corners and tight spaces where larger machines would have limitations. They are professional solutions for achieving

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