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Professional cleaning for training and resting sanctuaries

Gym, spa and sports facilitieschanging rooms, pools, showers and toilets, which are often humid, represent the ideal habitat for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria responsible for possible infections and dermatitis that affect those who frequent them regularly. To ensure proper cleaning and a high level of hygiene in these places, high-performance and resource-efficient professional cleaning equipment is needed. At TSM, we offer scrubbers, sweepers and vacuums to meet the cleaning needs of these types of facilities.

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Cleaning the entrance of a gym is especially important due to the large number of people entering and exiting the building. For this reason, it is recommended to carry out daily cleaning in this area, using specialized tools such as the DURASWEEP for sweeping and the WILLMOP vertical floor scrubber to clean and disinfect the floor.

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Cleaning the locker rooms is important for several reasons, not only in terms of hygiene to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, which can cause illnesses. A clean and organized locker room provides a comfortable space for people to change and feel more relaxed, productive and happy, projecting a professional image that makes customers feel more confident in the quality of the products or services offered.

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The owner of a gym must provide clean weight rooms and facilities to promote hygiene and safety for both staff and customers, as well as to create a positive and welcoming environment. A clean gym also helps prevent the spread of germs and illnesses, and can help minimize the risk of injuries caused by slips, falls, or other hazards. Additionally, a clean gym can help attract and retain customers, as customers are more likely to return and recommend a well-maintained gym.

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Cleaning machines for gyms and sports centers

Upright scrubber dryers

TSM has patented the vertical Willmop systems, which guarantee incredibly fast and professional cleaning in small and tight spaces: powered by a rapid-charging lithium battery, equipped with a 36° tilt for perfect and comfortable cleaning, they allow the user to operate even in large areas with obstacles and people passing through without interrupting any activity.

Cleaning trolleys for WILLMOP

The Willcarry Light service cart with a complete cleaning kit ensures high performance and efficiency during cleaning operations. Thanks to its perfect integration with the supports for Willmop 35 and Willmop 50, it is possible to use the vertical floor washer, guaranteeing professional cleaning in all environments of gyms and sports centers.

Scrubber dryer machines

Professional floor scrubbers are also suitable for cleaning gyms and sports centers. Available in walk-behind or ride-on versions, they are designed for cleaning spaces of different sizes, always delivering excellent results.


Sweepers are the best solution for cleaning surfaces of various sizes, ensuring high-level performance and efficiency. Available in ride-on or walk-behind versions, they can guarantee perfect floor cleaning with great versatility of use.

Vacuum cleaners

TSM offers a single solution suitable for liquids and solids: special suction systems equipped with powerful motors, perfect for vacuuming even large quantities of waste. Available in models with tilting carts for easy emptying of the collected dirt, ensuring precise results and optimized interventions. The range allows choosing the models that best suit the activities required within gyms and sports centers.

Steam generators

Gyms and sports centers have specific hygienic-sanitary needs, and usually, these places are sanitized with chemical detergents, and the choice is always delicate. With DURASTEAM 22, it is possible to avoid the use of chemical products, as the high temperature of the generated steam allows for eco-friendly cleaning with minimal water consumption.

Single disc machines

The balancing system of these models makes them extremely pleasant to use, ensuring high ergonomics for the operator. Ideal for various types of interventions: stripping, deep cleaning, polishing, sanding, floor leveling, and carpet washing.

Sidewalk sweepers

The compactness, effectiveness, and ease of use, allowing even inexperienced and unlicensed individuals to operate, make the street sweeper unbeatable in cleaning gyms and sports centers. The TSM range includes the models Itala 135 ST and 135 BT, which guarantee, among other things, up to 6500 m2/h, 135 liters of collection, and 8 hours of autonomy.

Waste vacuum cleaners

A range of revolutionary vacuum machines that allows working autonomously, eliminating the need for vehicle traction management, and ensuring extreme agility among potential obstacles. The large installed batteries ensure zero-emission environmental compliance and over 14 hours of working autonomy, with an incredible suction capacity to collect even bulkier objects such as 2-liter water bottles.


What are the advantages of vertical floor scrubbers WILLMOP for gym cleaning compared to traditional methods?

Vertical floor scrubbers WILLMOP are machines that, thanks to their exceptional maneuverability and self-supporting capability, allow the operator to move freely among various fitness equipment and easily reach areas such as those located under benches or other equipment. Furthermore, the washing process is complemented by fast drying, saving extended waiting times and facilitating immediate access to even freshly cleaned areas.

How to effectively manage floor cleaning in showers and locker rooms to minimize the risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces in gyms?

To minimize the risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces, it’s necessary to carry out cleaning that, in addition to removing stains or other substances that users might inadvertently track or spill, leaves no traces of water and cleaning products requiring extended drying times. Professional cleaning machines, like vertical floor scrubbers and the compact GRANDE BRIO 35 scrubber manufactured by TSM, are the machines that meet the necessary requirements to address these needs.

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