Urban and metropolitan areas cleaning

Historical centers, sidewalks, pedestrian areas, squares

Improve the safety, attractiveness, and comfort of streets through efficient and effective cleaning

A clean city is more attractive and safe for residents and visitors, which can increase tourism and the local economy. A clean community is also healthier for residents, as it can reduce the spread of disease and pests.

In addition to streets, which can be cleaned with large street sweepers with cabs, it is important to take care of sidewalks, which continue to be a very frequently used narrow passage area for pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, and strollers. Sidewalk cleaning can be done in various ways, depending on the type of material it is made of and the level of dirt and soot. For example, with concrete sidewalks, a pressure washer can be used to remove stains, but the first step is to collect loose debris. This is done with less effective traditional tools such as brooms and stakes or by investing in electric cleaning machines, which allow you to cover a much larger area in less time. Examples of environmentally friendly solutions for municipal cleaning are the ARIA 240 electric vacuum cleaner and the ITALA 135 electric street sweeper. Both are designed for cleaning sidewalks, city centers, squares, and pedestrian areas, places with many people in general, where silence and absence of polluting waste production are important requirements.

In any case, to preserve streets and infrastructure in good condition throughout the year, it is necessary to implement a cleaning plan with an appropriate frequency for each season, using powerful and efficient cleaning machines to maintain a pleasant environment for the development of daily activities in the city.

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TSM offers a wide range of outdoor cleaning equipment ideal for use by municipalities with small or large populations, aiming to optimize work time and reduce operator effort without sacrificing deep cleaning and daily maintenance of streets, sidewalks, parking lots, sports facilities, swimming pools, and green areas.

The ITALA 135 street sweeper and ARIA 240 street vacuum, together with the CUBO 180 collection cart, operate with quiet electric motors that do not emit dust into the environment or produce CO2 as they clean leaves, chewing gum, glass, papers, and general litter.


Un ambiente più pulito e attraente per i cittadini e i visitatori è il risultato della pulizia regolare delle strade con una spazzatrice elettrica. Ciò migliora l’aspetto della città, riduce il rischio di incidenti e cadute, previene la diffusione di malattie e parassiti e riduce l’inquinamento utilizzando una spazzatrice elettrica senza emissioni di gas contaminanti.

A cleaner and more attractive environment for citizens and visitors is the result of regularly cleaning the streets with an electric sweeper. This improves the appearance of the city, reduces the risk of accidents and falls, prevents the spread of diseases and pests, and reduces pollution by using an electric sweeper without contaminating gas emissions.


Heritage preservation is crucial, and regular cleaning of the historic center is one way to preserve its beauty and cultural value. At the same time, a cleaner and more pleasant environment improves the experience of visitors and residents. In addition, using electric machinery instead of gasoline for cleaning reduces the production of noise and pollution, contributing to a healthier environment. Cleanliness also increases safety, reducing the risk of accidents and falls due to dirt and obstacles in streets and squares.

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Urban and Metropolitan Areas

Sidewalk sweepers

Versatility, efficiency, and ease of use, combined with the ability to be operated by inexperienced and unlicensed personnel, make street sweepers the unbeatable choice for cleaning in urban and city areas. The TSM line includes the models Itala 135 ST and 135 BT, which offer, among other features, a performance of up to 6500 m2/h, a collection capacity of 135 liters, and 8 hours of autonomy. With these machines, keeping the streets and urban spaces clean and tidy has never been so efficient and straightforward.

Waste vacuum cleaners

An innovative line of vacuum cleaners that allows you to work autonomously, eliminating the need to manage vehicle traction and offering exceptional agility to overcome any obstacles in urban and city areas. The large installed batteries ensure environmental compliance, operating emission-free and providing over 14 hours of work autonomy. Additionally, their impressive suction capacity allows you to collect even bulkier items, such as 2-liter water bottles. These machines represent the perfect solution for maintaining clean and organized streets and urban spaces with efficiency and environmental respect.

Street orderly barrows

Designed for cleaning operations in urban and city areas, these machines are ideal for maintaining cleanliness in particularly crowded environments. Equipped with a special system that allows them to follow the operator automatically, they offer greater efficiency in cleaning urban spaces. Furthermore, some versions can be equipped with a disinfectant system, making them the perfect choice for keeping green areas of the city clean and sanitized.


How does the electric ITALA 135 sweeper contribute to improving the cleanliness of streets and pedestrian crossings in cities?

The electric ITALA 135 sweeper can effectively and quickly clear streets and pedestrian crossings of dirt and various types of debris, even in sloped environments. Its strengths include a mechanical suction action for collecting a variety of debris and the use of sprayed water on the front brushes to reduce fine dust.

What are the advantages of using electric machines for sidewalk cleaning?

Machines like the electric vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 can operate in areas with slopes of over 20% and safely climb or descend from sidewalks up to 20 cm in height. They are equipped with systems specifically designed to effectively and safely vacuum the debris typically found on sidewalks, such as papers, bottles, cans, cigarette butts, and dog waste. Additionally, they have a disinfection system to sanitize the freshly cleaned surfaces and a fine dust filtration system that captures it and emits clean air into the environment.

What categories of waste and debris can be collected or disposed of in urban areas?

With TSM cleaning machines, materials of different types and sizes can be collected as needed. The electric ITALA 135 sweeper can collect dust, cans, bottles, leaves, cigarette butts, and general debris. The electric vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 and ARIAMATIC, along with waste collection carts, can collect organic waste like leaves, grass, twigs, animal waste, and general litter, as well as small to medium-sized debris, including plastic bags, papers, small cans, and small plastic bottles.

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