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Optimizing the guest experience in hotels through high-quality cleaning

Sustainable management of hygiene in the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly important, ensuring both customer comfort and the good reputation of the establishment. Additionally, professional care of facilities can significantly prolong their lifespan. Investing in TSM cleaning equipment is a way to ensure profitability and economy in the long term. Our portfolio of products for cleaning interior floors consists of both traditional floor scrubbers, which use a combination of water, detergent, and brushes to scrub floors, and vertical floor scrubbers which offer an even better maneuverability.

The use of floor scrubbers reduces the need for labor as they can quickly clean large areas with minimal effort, while also minimizing the use of water and chemical waste compared to traditional mopping methods, making them more environmentally friendly.

We also offer professional vacuum cleaners for room service, and steam machines that convert water into steam to sterilize fabrics.

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Cleaning is a key factor that most guests value in accommodation comparisons. Upon arriving at the hotel, consciously or not, they compare the image they had previously seen. Keeping the reception clean and pleasant is essential to start the guest experience on the right foot.


The schedules for cleaning rooms are very limited. There is a short time frame between the moment guests leave and the new ones arrive, so it is essential to perform quick and efficient cleaning. WILLMOP vertical floor scrubbers are ideal for this task as they are fast, quiet, and easy to handle, which reduces the worker’s effort and allows for excellent results in a short amount of time.


The kitchen in a hotel is an important factor when choosing a place to stay, so its reputation is key to choosing or returning to the place. Keeping floors free of stains and dirt is essential to ensure optimal performance and leave an excellent impression.


Outdoor areas are an important attraction of a hotel and are the protagonist of many of the guests’ photos. Usually, keeping them clean requires time and dedicated personnel. With the ARIA 240 and ITALA 135 street sweepers and vacuums, this work is done in less time and with no effort.

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