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Increasing Customer Retention Through Efficient Cleaning

Dirt and debris can accumulate in supermarkets and malls due to a variety of factors. Long hours of operation combined with heavy foot traffic and the presence of food can lead to spills and debris that attract dirt and dust. Additionally, cleaning may not be performed as frequently or as thoroughly as necessary, which can also contribute to the accumulation of waste.

To prevent the spread of dirt in supermarkets and malls, it is important to have regular cleaning schedules and to educate employees and customers on proper cleaning procedures.

Using mats at entrances and exits can help to trap dirt and debris before it spreads throughout the store.

At TSM, we offer a wide variety of professional cleaning machines and products to meet the needs of this industry.

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The supermarket entrance is an important area for creating a good first impression on customers and enhancing their overall experience. A clean and well-maintained environment promotes a positive and welcoming atmosphere, building customer trust and loyalty. Floor scrubbers, such as TSM’s GRANDE BRIO line, are used to quickly dry floors and facilitate traffic. These machines come in walk-behind and ride-on options to meet the specific needs of the area being cleaned. The checkout area, which can be difficult to access, can also be effectively cleaned with floor scrubbers like the GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75 and WILLMOP upright scrubbers, which can get into tight spaces and corners.


Meat, fish, cheese, and deli areas are high-risk areas for infection.

Floor scrubbers are a great solution for cleaning these areas of the supermarket regardless of their size. They use a combination of water, cleaning solution, and brushes to scrub, clean and disinfect the floor effectively. Additionally, using scrubbers integrated with the ECORAY system that emits ultraviolet UV-C rays, not only the floor is cleaned and dried, but also disinfected. This system has been specifically designed to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, preventing their reproduction which takes hygiene to the highest level.

It is important to keep in mind that complying with a cleaning and hygiene plan on a routine basis is crucial to preserve the sanitation of the area and food products.

The warehouse area is the one that is most frequently traversed daily by employees and suppliers who transport goods, and where dirt accumulation on the floor tends to be the greatest. Therefore, constant and thorough cleaning is necessary in this area. To optimize time and reduce the physical effort of staff, it is recommended to use DURASWEEP sweepers and large ride-on floor scrubbers GRANDE BRIO.


In the aisles of supermarkets, products are often spilled, creating puddles and customers’ footsteps leave tracks and dirt residue throughout the store. To address this, it is necessary to clean and dry quickly. The GRANDE BRIO ride-on floor scrubbers, available in different sizes to fit all aisle widths, are an excellent tool for this task, preventing dirt from spreading throughout the place.


The floors of the bakery and pastry counters, as well as those in the fruit and vegetable section, are continuously exposed to stains, oils and butters that create a sticky dirt that is difficult to remove, leaving the floor slippery and sometimes stained.

To easily remove this dirt, it is recommended to use the WILLMOP vertical scrubbers, as they have brushes suitable for penetrating the fine and irregular structures of the floors and its suction nozzle sucks this type of dirt, ensuring that the area is left clean and immediately dry for traffic.


Cleaning parking lots is essential to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering the establishment. Typically, as they require constant cleaning at special hours, cleaning companies are often responsible for keeping them clean. Serious and professional companies have specialized sweepers and vacuums for outdoor areas such as ITALA and ARIA, which in addition to cleaning the floor, also vacuum the trash that accumulates in the corners and even clean the shopping cart area. This way, even large amounts of trash and dirt can be removed effortlessly.

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