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Increasing Customer Retention Through Efficient Cleaning

Dirt and debris can accumulate in supermarkets and malls due to a variety of factors. Long hours of operation combined with heavy foot traffic and the presence of food can lead to spills and debris that attract dirt and dust. Additionally, cleaning may not be performed as frequently or as thoroughly as necessary, which can also contribute to the accumulation of waste.

To prevent the spread of dirt in supermarkets and malls, it is important to have regular cleaning schedules and to educate employees and customers on proper cleaning procedures.

Using mats at entrances and exits can help to trap dirt and debris before it spreads throughout the store.

At TSM, we offer a wide variety of professional cleaning machines and products to meet the needs of this industry.

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The supermarket entrance is an important area for creating a good first impression on customers and enhancing their overall experience. A clean and well-maintained environment promotes a positive and welcoming atmosphere, building customer trust and loyalty. Floor scrubbers, such as TSM’s GRANDE BRIO line, are used to quickly dry floors and facilitate traffic. These machines come in walk-behind and ride-on options to meet the specific needs of the area being cleaned. The checkout area, which can be difficult to access, can also be effectively cleaned with floor scrubbers like the GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75 and WILLMOP upright scrubbers, which can get into tight spaces and corners.

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Meat, fish, cheese, and deli areas are high-risk areas for infection.

Floor scrubbers are a great solution for cleaning these areas of the supermarket regardless of their size. They use a combination of water, cleaning solution, and brushes to scrub, clean and disinfect the floor effectively. Additionally, using scrubbers integrated with the ECORAY system that emits ultraviolet UV-C rays, not only the floor is cleaned and dried, but also disinfected. This system has been specifically designed to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, preventing their reproduction which takes hygiene to the highest level.

It is important to keep in mind that complying with a cleaning and hygiene plan on a routine basis is crucial to preserve the sanitation of the area and food products.

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The warehouse area is the one that is most frequently traversed daily by employees and suppliers who transport goods, and where dirt accumulation on the floor tends to be the greatest. Therefore, constant and thorough cleaning is necessary in this area. To optimize time and reduce the physical effort of staff, it is recommended to use DURASWEEP sweepers and large ride-on floor scrubbers GRANDE BRIO.

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In the aisles of supermarkets, products are often spilled, creating puddles and customers’ footsteps leave tracks and dirt residue throughout the store. To address this, it is necessary to clean and dry quickly. The GRANDE BRIO ride-on floor scrubbers, available in different sizes to fit all aisle widths, are an excellent tool for this task, preventing dirt from spreading throughout the place.

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Cleaning parking lots is essential to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering the establishment. Typically, as they require constant cleaning at special hours, cleaning companies are often responsible for keeping them clean. Serious and professional companies have specialized sweepers and vacuums for outdoor areas such as ITALA and ARIA, which in addition to cleaning the floor, also vacuum the trash that accumulates in the corners and even clean the shopping cart area. This way, even large amounts of trash and dirt can be removed effortlessly.

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Supermarket cleaning machines

Upright scrubber dryers

TSM has patented the Willmop vertical systems, which ensure incredibly fast and professional cleaning in small and tight spaces: powered by a fast-charging lithium battery and equipped with a 36° tilt for perfect and convenient cleaning, they allow the user to operate even in large areas with obstacles and passing people without interrupting any activity.

Cleaning trolleys for WILLMOP

The Willcarry Light service cart with a complete cleaning kit ensures high performance and efficiency during cleaning operations. Thanks to its perfect integration with the supports for Willmop 35 and Willmop 50, it allows the use of the vertical floor cleaner, ensuring professional cleaning in all environments within supermarkets.

Scrubber dryer machines

Professional floor cleaners are also suitable for cleaning companies and industrial facilities. Available in both walk-behind and ride-on versions, they are designed for cleaning spaces of various sizes, always ensuring excellent results.


Sweepers are the best solution for cleaning surfaces of different sizes, ensuring high-level performance and efficiency. Available in both ride-on and walk-behind versions, they can guarantee perfect floor cleaning with great versatility of use.

Vacuum cleaners

TSM offers a single solution suitable for both liquids and solids: special vacuum systems equipped with powerful motors, perfect for vacuuming even large quantities of waste. Available in models with tilting carts that facilitate the emptying of the collected dirt, ensuring precise results and optimized operations. The range allows you to choose among models that best suit the required activities within supermarkets.

Steam generators

Supermarkets have specific hygienic and sanitary needs, including HACCP regulations. Usually, these places are sanitized with chemical detergents, which require careful selection. With DURASTEAM 22, it is possible to avoid the use of chemical products, as the high temperature of the generated steam allows for eco-friendly cleaning with minimal water consumption.

Single disc machines

The balancing system of these models makes them extremely pleasant to use, ensuring high ergonomics for the operator. They are ideal for various types of interventions: stripping, deep cleaning, polishing, grinding, floor leveling, and carpet washing.

Sidewalk sweepers

The compactness, effectiveness, and ease of use, thanks to the possibility of being operated by inexperienced individuals without a license, make the street sweeper unbeatable in cleaning and maintaining the exteriors of a supermarket. The TSM range includes the models Itala 135 ST and 135 BT, which offer, among other features, a sweeping capacity of up to 6500 m2/h, a 135-liter collection capacity, and 8 hours of autonomy.

Waste vacuum cleaners

A range of revolutionary vacuum machines that allows for fully autonomous operation, eliminating the need for vehicle traction management and ensuring extreme agility around potential obstacles. The large installed batteries ensure environmental compliance with zero emissions and provide over 14 hours of working autonomy, with incredible suction capacity to pick up even bulkier items such as 2-liter water bottles.


Supermarket Cleaning - Cleaning floors with WILLMOP 35 & GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75.

Pordenone, Italy.


How can I improve the cleaning service's efficiency without affecting checkout times and reduce customer wait times?

Efficiency and speed at the checkout can be improved by cleaning the surrounding area without the need for long waiting times for the floor to dry, using machines that can be easily maneuvered in tight spaces. These requirements are met by TSM’s proposed vertical scrubber dryers, WILLMOP 35 and WILLMOP 50, which are extremely fast and maneuverable.

How can I improve the cleaning of supermarket aisles?

TSM’s vertical scrubber dryers are suitable for small, medium, and large spaces, with immediate and rapid drying action. They have been designed with a focus on operator ergonomics and ease of use. TSM’s cleaning solutions can cover aisles of any size and operate without disrupting the flow of people, ensuring a safe passage.

What are the options for cleaning the warehouse floor of a supermarket?

There are several options for cleaning warehouse floors in a supermarket. In particular, the following machines are widely recognized and used for this task:


  • Vertical scrubber dryers WILLMOP 35 and WILLMOP 50: These models offer excellent cleaning capability and are specifically designed for floor maintenance. They are highly efficient in removing dirt, stains, and residues from various surfaces.


  • Professional floor scrubbers GRANDE BRIO 35, GRANDE BRIO 45/50/55, GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75, and GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 145: These machines are known for their versatility and performance. They are ideal for warehouses of different sizes and operational requirements. The “Ride On” versions with an onboard operator are especially suitable for larger warehouses as they allow for quickly covering extensive areas.


  • Efficiency and adaptability: All these machines are designed specifically for cleaning a wide range of floors, making them highly efficient in this task. Their ability to adapt to the specific needs of different warehouses makes them a versatile choice.


  • Ease of maintenance: These models have been designed to simplify the maintenance process, reducing downtime and operational costs. This aspect is important to ensure that the machines are always ready for use.

How are supermarket parking lots and outdoor areas cleaned?

Supermarket parking lots and outdoor areas are cleaned using professional machines designed for cleaning green and urban areas. For this type of activity, TSM offers the OUTDOOR LINE, which includes electric solutions like sweepers, vacuums, and waste collection trolleys.

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