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Ensuring cleanliness in educational facilities such as schools, colleges and universities is essential for maintaining hygiene in common areas such as classrooms, bathrooms, and dining halls, as well as reducing the risk of disease. To achieve this, it is necessary to have cleaning staff and supervision for building maintenance and conservation, including minor repairs and care for grounds and landscaping. However, common issues such as lack of resources, insufficient staff, and inadequate cleaning protocols can contribute to inadequate cleaning and maintenance. In addition, cleaning staff may be overworked or lack proper training, leading to subpar cleaning results.

It is important to keep in mind that during times of pandemics or outbreaks, cleaning programs and protocols must be adapted to the size and type of facility and implemented differently. Additionally, it is crucial to note that children are more prone to contracting illnesses due to their developing immune systems, which can result in absenteeism and decreased productivity. Therefore, it is essential to maintain proper cleaning and hygiene in school facilities.

On the other hand, the problem of cleaning can also be caused by the contribution of students and staff, such as lack of personal hygiene and lack of awareness about the importance of keeping a clean environment.

To address these issues, it is necessary to invest in more resources such as cleaning equipment and supplies, provide training and support for staff to help them perform their work more effectively. TSM develops cleaning equipment such as floor scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums, disinfectants, and surface care products to help in this process.

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The entrance of the school is an area with high traffic and waiting for students and teachers. Sometimes while waiting, students can spill liquids and it is important to quickly respond by cleaning it up with a vertical floor scrubber to avoid falls.


Learning cannot thrive in a dirty and dust-filled environment, students develop their skills better in clean and pleasant environments. To keep the floors of classrooms, offices, auditoriums, and other high-traffic spaces always clean and well-maintained, it is recommended to have cleaning companies that have vertical floor scrubbers that optimize cleaning time and reduce effort for the cleaning operators.


Regular and thorough cleaning of the kitchen, tables, chairs, and floors is essential to ensure a hygienic environment in a school cafeteria. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a cleaning company specialized in using professional machinery to ensure efficient service and comply with health and safety regulations.


A clean gym ensures a safe and healthy environment for students and staff, it is important to keep the floors, exercise equipment and common areas clean. This is achieved through the use of different cleaning techniques and equipment such as floor scrubbers, vacuums, and disinfectants. It is important to perform daily cleaning and periodic deep cleaning to eliminate germs and bacteria.


In the bathrooms of a school, it is essential to maintain a hygienic and safe environment for students and staff. It is recommended to hire a cleaning company that has the necessary professional equipment to ensure efficient service and comply with health and safety standards.


Ensuring that the exterior areas of the school, such as sidewalks, parking lots, gardens, and courtyards, are clean, free of debris, and dry leaves is important to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for students, staff, and visitors. It is recommended to hire a cleaning company that has specific machinery such as street sweepers and vacuums to ensure efficient service and meet these needs.

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