Shops, car showroom, butchers, greengrocers, kiosks, bakeries

A clean and pleasant workplace is the best business card.

Customer satisfaction is a priority, and high levels of hygiene are expected in all areas at all times. The implementation of comprehensive hygiene, disinfection and cleaning practices is essential for success in the retail business. Customers value cleanliness and visible order, and this plays an important role in their purchasing decision. In addition to helping create a positive shopping experience for customers, it can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

The cleaning systems used in customer areas should be discreet, quiet, easy to transport, ergonomic, and able to be used in confined spaces.

The WILLMOP vertical scrubbers, with their combined power and maneuverability features, ensure ease in cleaning tasks.

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Showroom and display spaces should be attractive, where everything is in harmony to highlight the features of the products. Therefore, it is important that the floors are always clean and shiny. This can be achieved daily with a floor scrubber, which quickly and quietly, clean and dries the floor, even with customers in the business, leaving employees free to devote their time to other tasks in a few minutes.

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It is important to keep in mind that toilets are not the only places where germs and bacteria can be found. These microorganisms can be present in places such as the sink and floor. It is important to pay attention to tile grout, as it is a place where mold often accumulates due to moisture. Often, these spaces are small and traditional methods such as mops and brooms are used for cleaning. However, there are modern and professional solutions that can provide a deeper and more efficient cleaning, contributing to improve the hygiene and health of the place. A floor scrubber can provide a deeper and more efficient cleaning than the use of mops and brooms, ensuring that the floors are completely clean and free of dirt and debris, contributing to improve the hygiene and health of the place.

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Cleaning machines for retail

Upright scrubber dryers

Professional floor scrubbers are also suitable for cleaning shops. Available in walk-behind or ride-on versions, they are designed for cleaning spaces of different sizes, always delivering excellent results.


Sweepers are the best solution for cleaning surfaces of various sizes, ensuring high-level performance and efficiency. Available in ride-on or walk-behind versions, they can guarantee perfect floor cleaning with great versatility of use.

Vacuum cleaners

TSM offers a single solution suitable for liquids and solids: special suction systems equipped with powerful motors, perfect for vacuuming even large quantities of waste. Available in models with tilting carts for easy emptying of the collected dirt, ensuring precise results and optimized interventions. The range allows choosing the models that best suit the activities required within shops.

Steam generators

Shops such as bakeries, fruit and vegetable stores, etc., have specific hygienic-sanitary needs, including HACCP regulations. Usually, these places are sanitized with chemical detergents, and the choice is always delicate. With DURASTEAM 22, it is possible to avoid the use of chemical products, as the high temperature of the generated steam allows for eco-friendly cleaning with minimal water consumption.

Sptray extraction cleaners

Carpets and rugs are among the most common coverings found inside shops and dealerships. The Inject & Extract 21 vacuum cleaner is equipped with an injection and extraction system to remove surface dirt, wash and dry fabric fibers, eliminating germs and bacteria.

Single disc machines

The balancing system of these models makes them extremely pleasant to use, ensuring high ergonomics for the operator. Ideal for various types of interventions: stripping, deep cleaning, polishing, sanding, floor leveling, and carpet washing.


How do vertical floor scrubbers WILLMOP contribute to enhancing the shopping experience for customers in stores?

Vertical floor scrubbers WILLMOP, with their swift action and versatility, can ensure continuous cleaning even in areas that require multiple passes without obstructing people’s passage. This way, the environment maintains a welcoming appearance, and the continuity of activities for both staff and shoppers is ensured.

How to address the cleaning of offices and warehouses within stores?

The cleaning of offices and warehouses can be effectively addressed using professional machinery that, in addition to providing thorough cleaning, ensures mobility and safety for the people working in these areas in a quick timeframe. The best solutions include ergonomic, compact floor scrubbers suitable for operation in small and medium spaces, such as WILLMOP 35 and WILLMOP 50, and GRANDE BRIO 35 for offices. For larger spaces like warehouses, it is recommended to opt for larger floor scrubbers like GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75, and GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 145, as well as sweepers like DURASWEEP, available in different sizes depending on the area to be covered.

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