Street and parking lots cleaning

Sweepers, vacuums, garbage carts and other professional cleaning machines

Improve the safety and cleanliness of streets and urban environments through efficient and effective sweeping  

Cleaning the streets of a city can really make a difference by making it more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of visitors, increasing tourism and, consequently, the local economy.

Street cleaning can also be carried out with large street sweepers equipped with cabins that also work effectively on sidewalks, transit areas heavily used by pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, and strollers. The cleaning of streets and sidewalks sees the use of a variety of tools, depending on the type of material to be treated and the level of dirt and particulate matter released from vehicle exhausts.

The use of electric street sweepers and vacuum cleaners is definitely the most efficient and sustainable way to tackle street cleaning operations.

The TSM range includes the ITALA 135 electric street sweeper, a machine specially designed for street cleaners to use in cleaning large surface areas, such as parking lots. Efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly, it is used to sweep and collect leaves, dust, papers and other light waste, which is deposited in its collection container.

Among street cleaning machines, the ARIA 240 electric street vacuum is suitable for treating hard surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete, and for collecting heavy waste, such as glass, cans, and food scraps.

To preserve roads and infrastructure in good condition throughout the year, it is necessary to implement a cleaning plan for urban environments with an appropriate frequency for each season, using very powerful and efficient professional machines that are reliable and safe.

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TSM offers a wide range of outdoor cleaning equipment, ideal for use in environments of different sizes, with the goal of optimizing work time and reducing operator effort, without sacrificing deep cleaning and daily maintenance of streets, sidewalks, parking lots, sports facilities, swimming pools and green areas.

The ITALA 135 street sweeper and ARIA 240 street vacuum, together with the CUB0 180 collection cart, operate through quiet electric motors that do not emit dust into the environment or produce CO2 as they clean leaves, chewing gum, glass, papers, and general waste.

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Street sweeping operations also involve parking lots. To this end, periodic cleaning programs with professional machines should be planned to ensure that dirt does not damage the structures. Street sweeping machines are large tools that can be used alone or combined, as needed.

For the purpose of city safety, it is important to use signs and warning cones that signal, precisely, cleaning operations. Finally, the cleaning methods and chemicals used must be safe for the environment and not damage surfaces.

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Preservation of cultural heritage is crucial, and regular cleaning of a city’s historic center is one way to preserve its beauty and value. At the same time, a cleaner and more pleasant environment improves the experience of visitors and residents. The use of electric cleaning equipment reduces environmental and noise pollution levels, contributing to a healthier environment. A clean environment also increases safety, reducing the risk of accidents and falls due to dirt and obstacles in streets and squares.

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Machines for street and parking lot cleaning

Sidewalk sweepers

The compactness, effectiveness, and ease of use, thanks to the possibility of being driven by inexperienced individuals without a license, make street sweepers unbeatable in street cleaning and sidewalk sweeping. The TSM range includes the Itala 135 ST and 135 BT models, which provide, among other features, a coverage of up to 6500 m2/h, a collection capacity of 135 liters, and 8 hours of autonomy.

Waste vacuum cleaners

A range of revolutionary vacuum machines that allow you to work autonomously, eliminating the need to manage the vehicle's traction, and ensuring extreme agility among potential obstacles. The large installed batteries ensure environmental respect with zero emissions and over 14 hours of work autonomy, with an incredible suction capacity to collect even bulkier items such as 2-liter water bottles.

Street orderly barrows

Developed for urban cleaning operations, these machines are also suitable for airport and railway cleaning tasks. Equipped with a special system that allows them to automatically follow the operator, they are ideal for particularly crowded environments. They can be equipped with a disinfection system, which makes them ideal for cleaning green areas in cities.


How can parking lot cleaning influence tourism and the local economy?

Parking lot cleaning can have a positive impact on tourism and the local economy. Clean and well-maintained parking lots make the urban environment more welcoming to tourists, increasing their inclination to visit the destination. Professional cleaning machines from TSM, like the electric ITALA 135 sweeper and the electric vacuum cleaner ARIA 120, play a crucial role in this process. Thanks to their effectiveness in removing waste, leaves, and dirt from parking lots, they contribute to keeping these areas clean and safe, enhancing the visitor experience and, consequently, supporting the local tourism industry. Additionally, the use of these machines reduces the time and labor required for cleaning, enabling more efficient resource utilization and promoting local economic growth.

How do cleaning machines contribute to parking lot safety?

TSM cleaning machines are capable of handling various types of dirt and debris of different sizes, eliminating any potential obstacles that could come into contact with vehicles and damage them or interfere with their movement. Solutions are available for sweeping the pavement, like electric ITALA 135 sweeper, and solutions for waste collection and vacuuming, such as electric vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 and ARIAMATIC, as well as waste collection carts CUBO 180 and CUBOMATIC 180.

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