Zero emissions

100% electric
green solutions

Towards a green future for our cities,
parks and companies.

Towards a
greener future

Wordwide municipalities are placing
more and more attention to the environment,
understanding the urgency of
reducing pollutants agents
to protect the territory and the quality of life.

Toward a cleaner future, we develop and
and create ecological solutions designed for
be a leader in urban cleaning at ZERO
exceptional relationship between performance,
purchase and operating costs.

Go Electric

Pollution is a global problem. That is why governments around the world
have decided to stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars.

To be able to contain the average warming of the planet below two degrees,
as proposed in the Paris climate agreement (2015), it’s necessary that within
20 years we get to 600 million electric cars.

The urban vacuum ARIA and ARIAMATIC equipped with the innovative Follow-Me system,
the street orderly barrow CUBO and the sidewalk sweeper ITALA are proof of this.
100% ELECTRIC SOLUTIONS for the cleaning of our cities.

4 good reasons

Electric vehicles provide a number of benefits for both users
and for those who live in the environments in which the machines operate.

Cost effective

In the long run it’s no secret that the overall cost
of owning an electric machine versus a conventional gas-powered car is much lower.
To date, the price of electricity required to battery charging would mean
an annual disbursement of 80% lower than the cost necessary for the use of
an equivalent petrol vehicle.

Easy to

The basic mechanics of an electric motor, on the other hand, is very simple, containing less than a dozen moving parts.
This means there are less things requiring maintenance and servicing is simpler than cars with an internal combustion engine.
Without considering the advantage linked to the elimination of the hydraulic oil leaks that instead characterize the traditional petrol engines.
All of this benefits the electric machines in which the maintenance time is reduced, making it much simpler, faster and cheaper.

Better for the environment

We design and manufacture electric cleaning vehicles with low environmental impact that improve the lives of their operators, citizens and future generations.
Zero emissions, zero fuel consumption and zero waste in order to make the world more livable and sustainable.

Quiet and quick

Street sweeper Itala 135, Urban vacuums Aria 240 and Ariamatic 240 equipped with the innovative FOLLOW ME system are easy to use and there is no need of the driving license, allowing the operator to take advantage of both night and early morning hours to clean roads and city centers, without annoying citizens

Ecological cleaning solutions for any environment

Our ecological solutions can be used for the cleaning and maintenance of every type of environment: historic urban areas, parks, resorts, airports, shopping centers and industrial contexts.

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Zero emissions

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