Zero emissions

Street cleaning machines

with zero CO2 emissions.

The journey towards a more sustainable city

The increasing concentration of CO₂ in the air is contributing to a more toxic environment for our health. For this reason, municipalities around the world are committed to reducing environmental pollution and protecting the quality of life for their residents.

In the last ten years, the mechanization of road, sidewalk, and green space maintenance techniques has become a growing trend in many cities worldwide. In fact, the use of fuel-powered street sweepers has brought numerous advantages in terms of speed and simplicity in cleaning for operators. However, this has also contributed to the pollution problems in cities.

In response to this urgency, TSM has been working for some time on building a greener present and future for the professional cleaning sector, focusing research and development investments on zeroemission solutions. This makes TSM the perfect partner for any municipality wishing to improve the quality of life for its citizens, reduce carbon footprint, and evolve into a smarter and more sustainable city.

MANUAL CLEANING (broom and shovel)

MECHANIZED CLEANING (internal combustion engine vehicles)

MECHANIZED CLEANING (electric vehicles with zero CO₂ emissions)

Let's make life easier

The street sweeper ITALA 135, the street vacuum cleaner ARIA 240, and the waste collection cart CUBO 180 have been designed to be compact and extremely ergonomic, making cleaning operations easier, preventing muscle pain caused by repetitive movements or uncomfortable postures.

Our solutions incorporate the most advanced cleaning technology, which combined with a design that considers technical and ergonomic aspects for the operator, makes our machines so intuitive that they are accessible to everyone. They do not require a driver’s license, and their functions are simplified to the extent that specific training is not necessary.

Furthermore their use contributes to increas user motivation by reducing working time and efforts, allowing operators to always perform their duties professionally.


Easy to use


Improved working conditions

No driver's license required

Maximum yield

The success of our street cleaning machines is linked to the fact that they have been designed and developed to be fully electric, with a focus on performance, energy efficiency, and ergonomics.

In addition to being eco-friendly and reducing air pollution in urban areas, opting for an electric professional vehicle for waste collection offers numerous advantages. Firstly, their use is particularly effective in restricted traffic zones, where their maneuverability and ability to reach narrow areas or hard-to-reach areas are significant advantages. They are extremely quiet during operations, which means they can be used in densely populated areas without causing disturbance to residents and pedestrians, even during night shifts.


Fast return on investment

Low maintenance

€ 2,00 *
€ 0,25 *

Thanks to the use of our fully electric solutions, fuel and maintenance costs are reduced by over 90% compared to a similar machine with acombustion engine, allowing a rapid return on investment.

In fact to work an approximately 8-hour shift with our electric sweepers, only a full recharge of 6 kW is required. To calculate the hourly working cost, you simply divide the total consumption (6 kW) by the duration of use (8 hours), resulting in an electrical consumption of 0.75 kW per hour.

In the case of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, approximately 1.5 liters of gasoline per hour of work are needed.

Taking into account the prices of gasoline and electricity in Europe in 2023, we can calculate that the cost for an 8-hour workday is € 24,00 for combustion engine sweepers, whereas for a similar electric vehicle, the expense is around € 2,00, ensuring savings of over 90% for users.

(*average EU data)

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Zero Emissions
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Zero emissions

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    Fine particulate matter (PM10) filter

    Zero CO2 emissions

    Zero noise

    Zero water waste

    Commitment to sustainability

    Our solutions have been designed with an ecological approach and are suitable for diverse environments, from historic centers to parks, tourist centers, airports, shopping malls, and industrial sites.

    By emitting zero CO₂, our equipment reduce the air pollution in sensitive urban areas and, thanks to their silent operation, they do not generate noise either. This makes these machines part of the contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

    Moreover, by choosing these ecological and sustainable solutions, the municipality demonstrates its commitment to protect the environment and its interest in the well-being of its citizens, becoming an example for other cities and municipalities to follow.

    Cities and TSM united for an ecological future

    TSM firmly believes that the greatest satisfaction for people lies in finding fulfillment in their everyday work. We are committed to maintaining a human perspective in the professional cleaning sector, by providing solutions that enable operators to find satisfaction in their daily work.

    Our cleaning solutions and machines incorporate the latest technology, yet remain accessible to everyone. The equipment is so intuitive that it requires no explanation for its use, and maintenance operations are simplified. It is therefore, not the technological trend that guides us, but ow through our solutions we can create simplicity for our customers.

    Every day, more and more users worldwide are choosing TSM electric machines because of the exceptional ratio between high performance and operating costs. Currently, all TSM cleaning lines are present in over 84 countries worldwide through a growing network of distributors who believe in TSM products, designed and built with the “made in Italy” quality.

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